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Terms and Conditions

  • This website is provided for fun, and is not a serious stock trading tool.
  • The investments are not real, they are virtual although the data is based on real-world values.
  • No responsibility will be accepted for any consequences arising from the use of this site.
  • The website is provided "as is" with no guarantee. There may be times when the site or the data is not available.
  • The stock values will shadow the real stock values, but can be as much as 75 minutes out of date because of the hourly collection.
  • Although the site is running on an encrypted server, and the passwords are encrypted within the database, you should use a unique password for this site, and never one that you use for banking, shopping or social media.
  • I have no affiliation/association with the data provider (shareprices.com & londonstockexchange.com, and have no responsibility over their site content nor promote/endorse the services they provide. Many other stock market information providers are available.
  • I reserve the right to suspend any account without warning if the user appears to be mis-using the website.


This site does not use cookies, with the exception that if you use the "remember me" login option, it will store 2 cookies on your device

  1. user: your user number
  2. userName: the nickname you use on the site
These allow the site to connect you with your data without you having to enter your email and password each time.

The site does not use any tracking or marketing cookies.


Your personal data is collected to allow the site to work and for me to contact you if needed. Your email address will not be passed-on or used for marketing/spamming.

The data is held within the system on data servers within the UK and will not be passed to anyone other than authorities that have a legal right to examine the information.

Your data will be removed from the site/servers if you stop playing the game for 6 months, or if you request it to be removed by using the contact form

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